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Llandysul Angling Association

With some 30 miles (50km) of prime fishing on the River Teifi in West Wales, Llandysul Angling Association provides top-class game fishing opportunities for local people and those from further afield. Some of our long-standing members and regular visitors come from mainland Europe, the Middle East and even as far away as Australia and Japan to fish on the famous River Teifi.

Day tickets, week tickets and season tickets are available as well as a limited number of vacancies for adult full membership. People over the age of 65 who have been members for at least five years receive a substantial discount on their membership fees.

We also offer discounted membership rates for full-time students, while our Junior section is particularly active, welcoming local young people and holiday visitors to West Wales too. The trout fishing junior membership permit costs just £2 per year, and free fly fishing lessons on the River Teifi and fly tying tuition during the close season are all included!

For full details of current membership fees, day ticket and week ticket permit charges please see our Permits page…

Introducing the Majestic River Teifi

Cenarth Falls on the lower TeifiTrout fishing at Maesycrugiau

The River Teifi at Cenarth Falls (left) and at Maesycruigiau (right)

Flowing more than seventy miles from a source some 1500 feet up in the Cambrian Mountains to its estuary at Cardigan, the Teifi, known as the Queen of Game Fishing Rivers, is both wild and beautiful.

Racing over shallows just a few inches deep, roaring with white water through narrow rocky gorges, cascading over waterfalls and drifting lazily through dark pools flanked by lush meadows – what river can challenge the Teifi for scenic beauty?

Teifi EstuaryFishing at Lampeter Bridge

The Teifi Estuary seen from Gwbert-on-sea (left) and the Teifi at Lampeter Bridge (right)

The River Teifi is unique among Welsh rivers in providing top quality sport for all species of game fishes – salmon, trout and sea trout (or sewin, as these migratory trout are called here in Wales). Indeed, in some areas of our upper reaches, the Teifi even provides the occasional grayling.

The Teifi Estuary is a haven for wildlife.
Seals, dolphins and porpoises are a common sight from the rocks at Gwbert-on-Sea and from the beach at Poppit Sands, and keen flyfishers can try for bass from the shore or from a boat.

Trout Fishing

Catch and release on the TeifiThe best times for trout fly fishing are mid March to late June and mid August until the season closes at the end of September. Nymph fishing in the pools and glides is effective during the mornings, but once the hatches start, dry fly fishing is great fun and often much more productive. But move stealthily, for Teifi wild trout are easily spooked and rarely allow you a second chance if you startle them with a sudden move or a clumsy cast.

We have a strong culture of conservation in Llandysul Angling Association, and members are very aware how precipus wild trout are. Large trout in particular are a tremendous asset as well as a source of the most exciting sport. With careful handling, catch-and-release fishing ensures that these quality fish survive and continue to contribute their genes to Teifi trout stocks of the future.

Left: professional flyfishing instructor Sue Parker returns a large brown trout safely to the river. Sue has removed her barbless hook without taking the fish out of the water; now she is holding the trout gently with its head facing upstream until it is ready to swim away.

Trout fishing tackle

A 9 or 9.5ft AFTMA #5 rod is ideal for trout fly fishing on the River Teifi. If you are a keen dry-fly fisher, then do look at our fly hatch information for advice on choosing flies to match the hatch through the season.

For more advice on trout fly fishing on the Teifi please see our Trout and Grayling Fishing page…

More detailed guidance on trout flyfishing tackle, techniques and tactics for the Teifi is also available online…

Stonefly nymph

Stonefly nymph

Grayling Fishing

We have grayling on the Teifi. They are concentrated around the town of Llanybydder, with the Maesisaf fishery (Beat 7) producing more reports of grayling catches than all other beats put together. Grayling to well over 2lbs (1kg) are caught occasionally, but these are very slow-growing fish and a large grayling can be 20 years old or more. For this reason we urge anglers to return them with all haste and great care. Note also that we close all fisheries on 17th October, after which grayling fishing is not permitted on club waters.

Tackle for grayling

A 9 or 9.5ft AFTMA #5 rod is ideal for flyfishing for grayling on the River Teifi. If you are a keen dry-fly fisher, then do look at our fly hatch information for advice on matching the hatch, as even in autumn (when the grayling season is at its peak) the hatches are sometimes intense enough for the grayling to become rather fussy feeders.

For more advice on grayling fly fishing on the Teifi please see our Trout and Grayling Fishing page…

More detailed guidance on grayling flyfishing tackle, techniques and tactics for the Teifi is also available online…

Sea Trout Fishing

Each year the River Teifi produces a few sea trout (sewin) of between 12 and 18 pounds. These monster migratory trout are usually caught in April and May, but you can connect with a large sea trout at any time,
so don’t fish with too fine a leader. The main runs of sea trout – typically between a pound and four pounds in weight – enter the river between June and August, with a few larger fish joining the autumn salmon shoals as the season draws to a close in mid October.

Following a spate, spinning and bait fishing are productive through the day. But, once the river clears and settles to its normal summer level, it is time for the serious business of flyfishing for sewin. The best times are about an hour before dusk until midnight, although if you have the stamina some big sewin are taken each season by the all night flyfisher.

Tackle for sea trout

A fly rod of around nine to ten feet in length matched to an AFTMA No.7 floating line, and an eight pound level nylon leader are suitable for early season sea trout fishing; however, a lighter river trout fishing outfit will cope with the smaller summer sewin (whitling, as they are called in West Wales) without too much trouble.

For spinning, the quill minnow is a superb lure for sewin. Mepps and spoons will also tempt fish, particularly when the water is coloured. Please note that spinning is restricted to daylight hours (see our Rules for full details).

For more advice on sea trout fishing on the Teifi please see our Sea Trout Fishing page…

More detailed guidance on sea trout flyfishing tackle, techniques and tactics for the Teifi is also available online…

Salmon Fishing

The River Teifi still gets a reasonable spring run of salmon most years. The beginning of April through to the end of May are the best months for those seeking a silver springer. Fish between 20 and 30 pounds are not unheard of, even nowadays, and in the not too distant past we have had springers approaching 40 pounds – a test for both the angler and the tackle. Bait fishing and spinning with a weighted Devon or an Irish minnow account for many spring fish, but with the advent of fast sinking leaders more anglers are finding spring sport with flyfishing tackle. Please observe the mandatory release rule for fish caught before mid June – see the national byelaws for full details. A salmon tagging scheme is now in operation on our fisheries, and details are included in the Rules Booklet issued with each permit. A summary is available online here…

The summer grilse run is most unpredictable. Some years grilse are up in good numbers in August, but in dry summers they hold back until mid September when the main autumn runs of large salmon ascend the river.

Salmon tackle

Local anglers rarely use double handed-rods except in early spring and late autumn, because a powerful reservoir trout rod will usually cope with grilse and salmon on the Teifi unless the river is running very high.

For spring and autumn fishing, 15 to 18 pound breaking strain nylon is advisable, while in summer it is possible to fish a little finer; however, 10 pounds B.S. is a sensible minimum.

For more advice on salmon fishing on the Teifi please see our Salmon Fishing page…

More detailed guidance on salmon flyfishing tackle, techniques and tactics for the Teifi is also available online…

More Detailed Help

More detailed guidance on flyfishing tactics for the River Teifi is available here…